Friday, September 9, 2016

Google Classroom Success

Google Classroom... go!  One thing our local high school asked us to focus on with our 8th graders was using an online classroom platform.  So, I spent a bunch of time this summer learning the ins and outs of Google Classroom (and even became a Google certified Educator!).  However, just like learning to be a teacher in college, nothing prepares you for actually using it until you actually use it! Overall, we were successful in logging in, changing passwords, and using Classroom.  I kept it simple this week: started with a question, had them complete a google form that told me their thoughts on computer use, and used a few shared documents to make them think about social media posting.

I found a great video by Josh Shipp about Internet Safety for Teens.  I played that for the kids, then had them answer a few questions about the video before turning it in.  (Are you guilty of oversharing?  What surprised you from the video? What would be an example of something your grandma wouldn't approve of you posting?)   Their reactions were honest, and they thought he was funny.  The next day, I had them write fake social media posts that were "rule breakers". For example, what might someone who is sharing TMI say?, what would a bragging post look like?, what would a complaining post look like?  I'd love to be able to follow the kids on social media to see if it makes an impact, but I'm not interested in being "friends" with students. I guess I just have to hope that I've at least made them think before they post!

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