Friday, August 12, 2016

Rain Date Flexibility

In life, you have to learn to be flexible.  Today taught me that things won't always go as planned. A severe rain event cancelled school. Normally, when I had my own homeroom of third graders, I'd be able to just adjust my plans and continue on where we left off. Not the case with middle school enrichment classes. Today was supposed to be the last day with my class I had this week. I had planned the week perfectly to finish up a project today and also take a typing test to check our progress. With school cancelled, that didn't happen, and I won't see this group for three weeks. Oh well... best laid plans.

This week, we used the Olympics Sport Info site to find information about a sport that the kids didn't know much about. They each picked their own site. Then they used that information to create a short powerpoint.  One slide had to feature bad design (too many pictures, color off, non-readable font...), and one slide had to feature good design.  The kids were amazed that they actually were allowed to create a "bad" slide!  We also googled Olympic Medal Count and used Microsoft Word to create a medal table.  In addition to this, I found some tips and tricks that many people don't know about when using Microsoft Word, and shared these with the kids. It was fun to hear their "wow"s when they used one of the tricks!

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