Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Teaching Excel 2016

Some days you just have to teach things you aren't comfortable with! Excel is one of those things.

I started the class with a FULL disclosure of my discomfort with Excel. I just don't use enough of the functions to be comfortable with doing more than just the basics.  I ended up using some YouTube videos I found that introduced Excel in about 4-5 videos. We'd watch a little, then stop and do what the instructor was telling us.  For the last day, I attempted to help the students recreate a gradebook ledger that they use in each class. We set up the columns, inserted formulas, etc.  There were several times over the days we worked on Excel where students would make a discovery about how to make something work or how to do something better. So, my lack of knowledge was great because it led them to have to figure things out for themselves! That is what makes learning meaningful. 

Here are a few resources I found to help with my Excel instruction:
YouTube videos from Motion Training- Short videos that walk you through the various functions of Excel. Starts basic and works towards more complicated functions of the program.

Kathryn Parry's Excel Lessons- A teacher's webpage from Baker Middle School which is FULL of great resources!

Have you ever taught something you were uncomfortable with? How did you get through it?

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